Why is okumuras palace so hated?

Hertha Hirthe asked a question: Why is okumuras palace so hated?
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👉 How many hours in is okumuras palace?

You have thirty (30) minutes to complete this fight. During this fight, you will face progressively harder waves of enemies of four at a time. However, they aren't limited to coming in waves. If you kill three but one remains, then Shadow Okumura will call in the next three based on what you have not defeated.

👉 What’s your most hated palace?

What’s Your Most Hated Palace? DISCUSSION… Shido's palace was the most annoying to me. Normally i love mazes, but not when im forced to fight with very few safe rooms in between. Granted, i went through the game without talking with Hifumi for some reason, so having her ability to switch mid dungeon would have been nice…

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Because not many people are good at the game to be able to organise themselves to prepare and handle the difficulty spike as well as challenge the Palace brought. 1 Reply

My biggest issue with Okumura’s Palace is with the writing of the whole arc. Not only are there lots of plot holes, but the writing team didn’t seem to give a shit when writing about this palace. Okumura’s bland, the arc started under bullshit, and don’t even get me started on how Morgana acts.

Just because a game is great doesn't mean every aspect is perfect. Join Oziach in a way-too-long video essay as he discusses the biggest flaw in Persona 5 in...

Personally i hate most of the dungeons, absolutely despising Kamoshida's, disliking Kaneshiros, barely able to stand Futaba's and mildly enjoying Madarame's, i thought this one was a huge breath of fresh air (ironic as its in space) and, so far, the best one in the game.

I hate Okumura's Palace! Man the game was so much fun until now! =____=" - this palace really sucks balls in a massive way. I never skipped battles in fact I did more than I should. I am at Lv 39 at the moment and playing on normal since I started this game. I also tried to switch it to easy - the first time because of Okumura's shitty palace ...

Worst is relative. In terms of difficulty I'd say the first Palace is the hardest especially if you're trying to complete it in one day as the SP conservation makes it way harder than it needs to be especially since you'll more than likely be underleveled by the time you get 2/3s of the way through and avoiding enemies can be a pain.

Okumura's palace was rather underwhelming for me as well. I liked the space theme at the final parts of the palace. That was unique and I think the enemies were rather fun there. The music I found decent as well as the earlier level designs. Although, saying that Okumura's palace was underwhelming means when it is compared to the other palaces.

Why tf is okumura’s palace so hard. SPOILERS spoiler. Close. Vote. Posted by 10 minutes ago. Why tf is okumura’s palace so hard. SPOILERS spoiler. Click to see spoiler. 1 comment. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Sort by. new (suggested) level 1 · 8m. Royal or vanilla ...

Okumura's Palace is 2nd worst, again, due to it's length, but also due to the enemies inside. Nothing was particularly difficult to deal with, but with the majority of enemies being strong to physical attacks meant wasting bullets and SP. Combine that with the length of the dungeon, and it was a royal pain in the ass.

Boards. Persona 5. Okumura's Palace Is Worst. User Info: Blitz_kid_. Blitz_kid_ 4 years ago #1. The safe rooms are so far apart. Those little robots with triple down have caused me so many Game Overs. The search for the ID Cards is tedious too. I think this might be my most disliked palace so far.

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